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Inside Video 00:



Inside Video 00: "GROUND ZERO", Garrett will get straight to the point.

He'll prepare your mind for whats to come by addressing the Harsh Reality that there's no one coming to save you...

...and why NOW it's more important than ever that You CHOOSE to RISE...

...before revealing How to Transform Your Fears Into Result-Driven Action.

Inside Video 01:




This is where you Begin Your Transformative Process of Turning Your FEAR Into FIRE!

You'll be taken through the FIRST of 5 Action Maps that you will be guided through during this series.

First step? Help you Get REAL Releasing Your Fears, while Getting CLEAR on HOW your fears impacts your life, and what it's costing you... you can Take Back CONTROL instead of letting your fears rob you of your clarity, confidence, courage, and certainty.

Inside Video 02:




Let's face it.

YOU'RE A LIAR. The quicker you come to terms with this, the quicker you will Empower Yourself to PIVOT and Create the Results You Desire.

See, if you OMMIT shit, or straight out say shit to yourself or others that just isn't true? You're living in a fantasy land, and you & your family are paying a highly costly price because of it.

In this video, and your 2nd Action Map, it's time to STOP avoiding the shit in front of you and ARM Yourself with Reality Shattering TRUTH!

Inside Video 03:




After getting clear on your Fears, as well as your FACTS, we begin to see what is possible.

Not as a fantasy, but as a REALITY!

But none of that matters unless you Activate FAITH, or in other words Create the Belief that what you see is in fact possible, for YOU!

This Training & Action Map will help you not only spark that Belief, but also move you forward towards the Possibilities you now see for yourself, your business, and your family.

Inside Video 04:




Without RELEVANT Focus, the results you see from the actions you take are severely limited.

So how do you CREATE Focus that actually MATTER to you, your business, and your family?

How do you shift your patterns and behaviors so the ACTIONS you take is not only results focused, but also swiftly executed with POWER & Certainty?

This training and the Action Map that comes with it helps you CREATE that Focus.

Inside Video 05:




You can't be consumed by FEAR and at the same time Harness Your Fire. So how do you transform FEAR into FUEL for your FIRE?

This is it. And the Certainty you desire? The Clarity you desire? The Courage you desire? The Confidence you desire?

And the RESULTS you desire? The Marriage, the Business, the Family? The LIFE?

It's found inside the FIRE; and no one is going to give it to you. It's a GIFT that is only earned.

Inside Video 06:



The WEAPON you get to experience inside of this FREE training series is just one of several weapons used by thousands of men & women daily to Create Massive Results In Body, Being, Balance & Business all at the same time.

So I'm not going to lie to you. YES! As we wrap up your training in the last video, at the end of it all, you'll be invited to access a series of proven weapons that will ultimately help you set set yourself free.

But know this. I can't save you. No one can.

So if you didn't do the work, or didn't find value in this training, it's simple. Don't accept the invite.

As You Can Probably Tell By Now,
This Is NOT Your Typical Training Series.

Here's How It Works

  This is NO-BS Training. It's Intense, and will require you to face realities that you've likely been avoiding for YEARS with the only result of keeping yourself hostage inside of scarcity in at least one area of your life.

  This is for DOERS; aka men & women who are willing to DO the work required to RISE; and Ultimately Transform Your FEARS Into FIRE and Result Driven ACTION!

  Garrett won't ask you to do anything he haven't done himself, and will lead you through this training by EXAMPLE, first. 

In fact, the powerful tool you'll not only discover, but also get to USE throughout your free training series?

It's a WEAPON him and thousands of men are using on a daily basis, and during this training you will witness first hand the power of this weapon as Garrett go do the work WITH you. You'll see his complete, vulnerable work without any filters or censorship throughout the series.

  To optimize your results with this training series, we've made sure it's easily digestible, and guide you step by step through the entire process.

You'll get immediate access to 2 videos, and the rest will be sent to you by email every 48 hours until completion so make sure you enter your correct email address.

This is done to make sure you invest the required time and energy on the work in front of you, and so you get to PROCESS the powerful insights & revelations that it is inevitable you'll get from each step of the training series.

A Free Training Series with Garrett J. White

RISE In Fire Or Be CRUSHED By Fear

Wake Up Warrior: Helping Men Liberate Their Marriage, Business & Life Since 2012.
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